Making a stop, while enjoying a good meal and someones company accompanied with a special wine, can make that moment last forever

Raspberry Salmorejo with marinated sardine

Supreme double textured Snapper

Let yorself surprise is the only rule of this adventure. No matter the distance or difficulty, the important thing is to conquer a personal and unique emotion

Iberian Risotto with Buletus and Crispy Iberian Ham

Leek pie with prawns

Creative cuisine next to the Sea, overlooking the cliffs and pine groves

A real Cook does not make-up or mislead his preparations. Practice makes him an expert and it is an insult for him to serve something not convincing or exciting at all.

Beef cheeks au Gorgonzola

Squid stuffed with spinach


19.50€ Marinated Red Tuna With Wok Vegetables and Soy Sprouts 20.50€ Red Tuna Tarantelo With Clorophylled Potato and GreenAsparragus 16.50€ Seafood and Fish Red Curry Con Verduras, Arroz y Yogurt Request pricing Catch of the day According to market and season